Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bs and Blogging

I really have no idea what to write at this moment but i just wanna write. Sometimes i think this thing is pointless, i mean i am not changing any ones lives with what i am writing or i am not writing anything profound. Then some days i am so glad i have this place just so i can come and write and it doesn't have to be anything profound and it might not even get read but i can write for myself and i love it. I used to be filling up my computer with Word documents full of meaningless writings from when i got really bored. Now i come here and write whatever.

I just checked my final grades for this past semester and there is something fantastical about an A. I am one of those nerdy school kids that hate getting anything below an A. Even a B, i mean they are great and i am really proud of other people that get Bs but for myself I cant take anything less than an A [except for Geometry, i didn't really care in that class. I hated the whole thing]. I have always been one of those annoying kids that when they got their paper back and the was a big B written on it, a frown would replace a smile. I think i can do better than that B. I think that is why i love school, because it is competitive. I am not a competitive person by nature but with myself i am real critical. I compete with myself. Learning is fun, and you are all open to call me a geek, but learning something new is just rewarding. I have never been one to have a favorite subject, all of them i have loved. But i do say that i have loved Algebra probably the most just because all the equations and numbers i know will lead to a specific answer and it is my job to decode it. So in conclusion i am a big nerd, hehe.

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