Sunday, June 1, 2008

Music in a household

I grew up with music being a major part of our everyday lives but it wasnt like we all played an instrument or anything. My dad sings really well so he was always singing to us and there was always a CD playing in our house at all times. So we just grew up around it and hearing it. But this weekend i was staying over at a really good friend's house and almost the whole time i was there, someone was making music in some way. There was always a guitar that was being played in some part of the house. And i was thinking of how great that would be to live in a house where there was not only music being played but also music being made. I just think that would have been incredible. And i am not saying that singing isnt an instrument AT ALL but i wish that there would have been physical intruments playing in my house growing up. The sound of any instrument just makes me happy and so this weekend was just a joyful weekend for me in every way.

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