Sunday, June 22, 2008

Smiles while Crying.

I do not cry at weddings. It is a known fact, there are two things i do not cry at and it is Weddings and Movies. But this one wedding was different, for the first time i cried and i am not talking about the little tear that rolls down the cheek. I mean the red eyes and shallow breathing. But it wasn't because the bride was beautiful [although she was unbelievably gorgeous] or how sweet the vows were [and they were amazing]. It was one song that was sung during the ceremony that truly got to me. Two of my friends sang the song I Am by Nichole Nordeman. Along with the atmosphere and my friends almost about to burst into tears while singing the song just broke down every wall i had and the tears stung the back of my eyes just before spilling over onto my cheeks. The only part of this that really was weird to me other than the actual crying was that i was so happy those few moments when i was crying. I couldn't stop from smiling. The song just explains my life and what i hope to come in my life. Its amazing!

I just had the best time at this wedding, from seeing people i haven't seen in a long time to the barn dance. I don't think there was time tonight, other than the goodbyes, where i wasn't smiling. The only bad part of the entire night was saying goodbye to everyone i might not get to see for a while. And now i am going to go get some sleep because it is after 12am and dream about the fun times i had tonight with everyone.

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