Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Schedules and Smiling

Today was my 11th day out of homework, studying, and curfews. However much i love summer, i love having things to do constantly and school just provided that booked schedule. The feeling of looking at your calender or planner and having ink scribbled over all the tiny blocks that fill the page just makes me happy. There might be things written down that i wish i didn't have to do but i still have something to do. So the summer presents a problem for me at some points. When you have school there is always stuff to do during the week and the weekend is a release so i always have something planned on the weekend. Every kid, teen, adult looks forward to the weekend but there is a different joy that comes when you look at your planner or calender and it says that you have something you have to do when the weekend rolls around. But the summer is just one big weekend for kids in school. It isn't possible to have something planned for everyday of the summer so that is when i don't know what to do with myself. I go to the computer, i watch TV, i read a book, i go outside for a little while, tan... and yeah that stuff is fun but when that continues everyday of the week you kind of get sick of it. And one thing you have to know about me is that most of my friends are above the age of 18. So they are adults they have jobs and things do and places to go. Yes we have loads of fun at night and on the weekends but then in the middle of the day i am left sitting on the couch watching some rerun that i probably don't care about. And this is totally not a pity me blog its just me writing down to tell myself that i need to find something anything to fill up my tiny blocks again.

and now i feel like i am complaining so now on to better subjects...

This past weekend was full of welcome homes, goodbyes, new things, fun things, and lots of smiling. I have probably already gone on about this before but I LOVE SMILING and smiles for that matter. And i don't have the prettiest smile [working on it but not yet=)] but i just cant get enough of it. You can always tell when someone is wholeheartedly smiling. When i see one of my friends smile like that, i cant be anything but happy because i absolutely adore when my friends that are dear to me are perfectly happy. There are two instances when i cant help but smile and they are 1. during the worship of the gracious and loving God, there isn't a better feeling and that is a fact... and 2. when i see my best friends incandescently happy and smiling from seriously ear to ear, because it can be done and i have seen it. To see someone that is so elated that their face isn't big enough to hold their smile is the best sight to be seen.

So there, beat that, and done.

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