Friday, June 27, 2008


I am sitting in my sister's office/workspace/work area whatever you wanna call it and listening to music. Today i got up early, got ready, and went to work with my sister. She makes designer purses all day so i tagged along. Which is not that unusual for me. For the most part this morning she just had to do some stuff on the computer so i just played on the extra Mac computer and hung out for a while. I found that i love photoshop and that this Internet connection is real slow.

I love coke. I know a little off topic, but i have a coke sitting right next to me and i just took another sip and i have come to the same conclusion as always, i love coke. I have the new Thailand coke, you know because of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics coming up sooner than later. Which by the way i cant wait for! Mostly because China has made a swim arena just for the occasion and it is called the Water Cube! It is so amazing. I have known about it since they started planning it in 2006. I am really into swimming so i was pretty excited! It is one of the most creative pieces of architecture on this planet right now. It is made so that when you are in the stands you feel as if you are in the water yourself, because of the way the building reflects the sun and makes the light ripple throughout the arena. The high dives are made to look like crystals protruding from the ground and it is amazing! I can not wait until the Olympics start!

Anywho, some of my friends are on a missions trip right now and it is funny to think that it is around 5:15pm there right now while it hasn't even reached lunchtime here. Well, I love them and i am praying for them! 11 days in counting...

I am so scatterbrained right now.

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