Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Right now at this moment rain is falling down, flashes of light breaks the darkness of the skies and is followed by the deep rumbling growl of the black clouds. I am, at 1:11am on Tuesday June 16th, sitting on my back porch watching and listening as a majestic thunderstorm rolls through in the night. Thunderstorms to me are so beautiful. The rain is quiet compared to the masking roars of the thunder but yet you can still hear its soft landing on the hard earth below. All around me is darkness but the lightning strikes out against the sky and brightens the silhouetted world around me.

I am sitting out here in awe of the splendor God has made for us to live amongst. I have a song playing throughout my speakers right now called Healer and i just have it repeating itself over and over again. "I believe you're more that enough for me, Jesus you're all i need. Nothing is impossible for you, nothing is impossible, nothing is impossible for you. You hold my world in your hands. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU!" Those are a few lines in this magnificent song, i just keep repeating in my head. I just want to scream it out but then i remember it is 1:30am and most are sleeping comfortably in their beds, including most of my family. And as the thunder is just a mumble in the murk of the night and the lightning is a faint flicker strobing the sky and the rain has come to a stop, I listen to complete silence other than my fingers tapping gently on the flat keys. I just keep saying in a whisper barley strong enough to touch the back of my lips, again and again "I believe you're my healer, i believe you are all i need. I believe you're my portion. I believe you're more than enough for me. Jesus you're all i need."

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