Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer is Finally Here!

Wow i cant believe i just finished my freshman year of high school. Looking back on this past year, it is just amazing how God has worked in my life and has blessed me in every way. I remember the week before school started i spent some time with God just trying to, before i started, get a real tight grasp on God. I needed something to hold on to, to look upon for help and just to stay in the right path with God and not stray away from what really is important. There was one verse that i really clung to the entire year and that was Philippians 3:7-8 and that basically states that everything else in my life, my possessions and my the things that i hold dear are garbage compared to knowing Christ Jesus my LORD and Savior. That verse taught me that i didn't need to seek others approval or try to be like the rest of my school or the rest of the world for that matter, i just need to do everything in my power to please God because nothing is better than He.

It is also fun to look back on how my relationships with the important people in my life have grown. Just to see how God has placed these people in my life right exactly when i truly needed them. There are several in particular that i am indebted to for how strong my relationship with The LORD really is and I love them all so much. All the fun times, inside jokes, and late nights we have had together, i hope they never end. I hope that when we are all old and gray i will hear about Stella getting enough courage to call Phil. ; ]

I have a feeling my summer will be packed full with those fun times, more inside jokes, and really late nights, and i am going to relish every moment of it!

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