Thursday, June 5, 2008

Composing Joy

Writing for me is this feeling that comes over me but i hate to call it a feeling but that's the only word that is revealing itself to me right now. I took a creative writing class this past semester and as much as i liked it, it was hard to be forced to come up with some piece and have it be good. I am just not that kind of writer. And i probably wont make it a career or anything but it is just a gift that God has bestowed upon me as a reliever and something that i can go to at anytime and just make something beautiful. Any type of writing, in my opinion, is beautiful. I go into my room or go on my computer, put in my headphones, and just let the words, paragraphs, pages just pour out. When a piece of writing comes together at the end, the sensation is just so rewarding and amazing. Probably why i started this blog is because i can say anything i want to and i don't really care if it is read by anyone. I don't have any pressure to write, when i want or need to write i come here to this blog and pour my thoughts and heart out so they aren't rattling aimlessly up in my mind. I don't like to talk about my feelings very much but i am not really afraid to write them. Some can call me a coward and i wouldn't mind that, i think that i would communicate myself better if i wrote it down rather than try to speak what comes directly from my head or heart. So writing this allows me that release that i love, just to compose, hopefully something that someone can enjoy or relate to.

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