Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Returning to His Embrace.

I havent written in a while.

To get some kind of inspiration to write I went back and read all of my 251 previous posts.

I want the passion that I had when I first started writing. And it wasnt a passion for writing it was a passion for gaining in the knowledge of Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. It was at the end of every post praising and thanking God for yet another, sometimes tiny, blessing He had bestowed upon me. As I read these paragraphs, it is almost as if I feel like I am reading someone else's words.

At one point I wrote this:

"I want to shine for Him. Am i doing that? I want to be living solely for Him. Can people see that? In my everyday life i want to spread His joy. Do people notice that? Have the people in my past seen a change in me? Have I encouraged someone to walk in the Lord? There are people younger than me in my life, am i showing them Christ in my actions? Have I impacted someones life? Do i scream Be My Everything loud enough that people hear? These questions i ask myself because i want them all the to happen one day. If not today or tomorrow i want to accomplish them in my life time."

Now I truly wonder this! I think I have sunk into a pit of thinking that I am secure and that I don't need to DO anything. Yes I went through this life changing year, this past school year, but that gives me NOOO excuse to just sit around now and pretend that I am "doing." It actually means that I have a lot more work to do! There is a world that doesnt know their Savior! I am called to be a missionary...whether that is right here on North Carolina soil or if it is across the earth's surface.

During this time in this pit, lets just call it that, I was constantly being tempted by the devil with doubts and fears. But I shall state it right here and now that God is bigger and He is capible of tearing those doubts and fears away and He comforts his afflicted ones. [ 1 corinthinians 1: 3-7 ]

" 'I trust in You. I trust in You. I believe Your my healer. I believe your all i need. I believe...'

I know I have heard this song over and over again but really every time I listen to it gives me so much hope and adoration for this outrageously loving God. And even when I am in pain or i see someone I love in pain it brings be back to realizing I need to come back to Him and only Him because He is my healer, He is faithful, He is loving without limits, He is gracious, He is more than enough for me."

Praise God for He is Faithful!

Coming back to Him,

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