Sunday, September 14, 2008


Today was great! enough said. actually i dont think i could leave it like that. Anyway, my day, [and it is going to be another list, cause you know how much i love those]

Sunday school, pictionary mystery, secret text msgs that were sent to no one, yoyo tricks, joking with him, smiling with her, eating with them, watching a movie that never fails to put me to sleep, nap, the apt, decisions on the tree, car ride with her, setting up, knowing were everything is and where everything goes, knowing what to do next, looking up to her, cords/microphones/microphone stands/music stands/rugs[not overlapping], plugging this into that, laughing while doing all of this, have time with Christ while they practice, a car ride with 4 in a 3 seater, closed, the search, cookout, discussion about poultry, incredible worship the entire night, proclaiming His name and i didn't care who saw me and what they thought, a birthday surprise, glances, When I Grow Up, no longer a "teen", baptismal, striking equipment, rolling of the rugs, wrapping of LOTS of cords, arm stinging, spending time with her [=) so happy], tackles, sitting on counters with her eating cake and talking[again with the so happy factor], a place that had things now empty, a new camera, talk of travel, hang out needed, SNL skits, i love her, goodbyes with the prospect of tomorrows sighting, Goodnights to all.

Oh tomorrow is going to be a lovely day,


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