Thursday, September 11, 2008

High School vs. College

Ah, i have mixed feelings tonight. Really just about one subject in particular, college vs. high school. Let the arguments begin.

I love high school! It is so much fun and there are so many great opportunities being in high school. I love the environment of high school and books and the homework and the responsibilities. I love the chance to learn with your friends. I love staying after. Compared to college it feels safe and sheltered. I love how we have a principle that can let you get into the school if you get locked out. I just love it.


I just feel like i will adore college. The freedom of it, the importance. Meeting new people, taking fun classes that lead to my major. Becoming a real lighing and sound techie! I just cant wait, it is going to be awesome! But i am scared that i might leave, i don't want to leave this place where i love and i have people that love me. But i am willing to go wherever God guides me. I want to go to a college that has a small town, a beautiful town. I just went to the town of WF tonight and i think i fall more in love with it every time i enter those streets. It is a quiet small town with a seminary in the middle with gorgeous steeples and brick buildings and a stone wall the follows the edge of the property. There are big oak trees that wistle when the wind passes through them and a railroad that runs behind downtown. When you come to the main downtown, it is two rows of brick buildings and i am just in love with it. If i could choose one place where i live to go and spend my time, it would be outside in downtown WF. ahh.

Well by the end of this discussion with myself i kinda got side tracked but that's me.

Still undecided,


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