Monday, September 22, 2008

Witnessing His Work

Tonight I walked in black flats on a cobble stone path in the middle of the downtown streets. The sun was setting over the buildings and reflecting against their windows. A slight cool breeze blew throughout the streets and across my face. A smile apparent on my face of the wonder that God placed me to live in. I witnessed culture and old black men sitting at a Barber shop talking about life and little kids running through a park playing tag and awesome outfits and people holding Starbucks in one hand and cell phone in the other while trying to unlock their car all at the same time. I saw a couple holding hands while walking down the street and a dad and his baby smiling at each other and a family praying over dinner and a dog jump on a boy licking his face and business men and women being freed from their jobs and horns being blown and cars being driven. I witnessed life and loved every moment of it.

Why not make the best of this wonderful world we live in? Wanna join me in loving everything Christ has bestowed upon us, even if it means enjoying homework or waking up early or working or the person that is getting on your nerves?


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