Saturday, September 20, 2008

The nights we wished would repeat themselves forever.

One of my first posts on this lovely blog of mine was titled "Moments we wished went on forever," and i just had another one of those but this time it was an entire night. Really it was an entire day. I was picked up after school and whisked away for a time of laughter and smiles. It started with one and she, wow she, means the world to me. We sat on my bedroom floor and talked [it felt like i did most of the talking...hehe]. We talked about life and how i seem to be getting way older by the moment ( we both agreed on that one). I will be on to college in less than 3 years...oh my gosh! But anyway, she talked and i listened (then made a sarcastic remark =]) and i couldn't have spent my day any better than spending time with her. So on to the rest of my night. We came back to The Apt to the sound of music [and not the movie]. The next 45 minutes was my favorite moment of the entire night. They sang and they played and I sat and I listened and i smiled. Their voices are so beautiful and together they are the dream team and i love it so much. But then dinner needed to be made so off they were to get it ready and I to sit on the stool and give moral support. One after the other they arrived from 30 mins away to 3 hours away. Hugs of welcome were given and received. A lovely dinner was eaten with six plates six forks six drinks and six girls. The music of laughter was ringing throughout The World's Best Apartment. Then to Baby Mama and funfetti cake and peanut butter ice cream.

A lovely combination of six girls, a hilarious movie, junk food, a guitar, and a room full of gorgeous voices. LOVE!

"Im just bein, sarcastic"


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