Friday, September 26, 2008

My Week in list form

I'm in the need of a list in my life so here we go, where should i start well lets go back to the beginning of the week;

Monday, downtown after school let out, Holly Aiken Bags, Dads loft of an office, cobble stone streets in downtown [can you believe cause i didnt and i saw it], dinner with mexican music and a cute baby, life passing by the window, starbucks and large conversations, Tuesday, awards breakfast, top 100 of the class, everyone = sick [including yours truly], mistaken rooms, long day, Wednesday, 7 to 6:30pm, tech class was just fun, tackling hugs, dream journals, cell group, "The Womb", sick =[, laughter, fun, never fails, i love Wednesdays, Thursday, half day, The Gettys, sitting in a row listening to great music, glasses, Sasquatch, yeti = baby Sasquatch= me, Tim Burton doing Alice in Wonderland, Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Pirates 4, Brownie Sundays, the crew at my house not ours anymore, The Office fun, tucking in with boots on, Saying goodbye to all, not getting to sleep until Friday, Friday, falling asleep with window open and Getty music being played, day of comfort and sweatshirts, Whistle Down the Wind and no 3rd period, Heatherhen awaiting me when the final bell rang, then gilgirls and a nice chat, Pei Wei and driving in cool cars, to top it off a movehen.

All this beauty,


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