Sunday, September 7, 2008

Crying Out To Him!

Wow, tonight! amazing wonderful crazy spectacular flattening... those are few of the endless words that could describe my feelings the entire night. It is one night i will remember my whole lifetime.

Stef May, i don't even know her very well but i heard her speak tonight and found out that she is an amazing woman! She spoke and we were captivated, she asked and we answered, she loved and made us want that love. I listened to one of the best sermons i have heard tonight and was shattered into a million pieces. The best kind of night is the one where you are in tears over Christ Jesus our Lord! This was definitely the one of those best nights.

Good gosh! All i want to do is scream out to God with every fiber of my being...BE MY EVERYTHING! I want to know his plans for my life so i can shine and praise Him all the days of my life. I hear that i am going to do something big with my life but WHAT? Am heading in the direction that You are wanting me to go God? I WANT YOU GOD! Why should anything on earth be of my desire when You are available to all that call on You sincerely? I am crying out to You, Lord, "I Will Choose To Call On Christ In Me"

When things started to come to a close and as the band began to play those words above the tears had begun to stain my face. I walked into that room with awaiting arms open and a time of prayer was what I needed. After my breathing came back to normal and there were only remnants of my tears in my eyes i emerged to an others comforting arms. She said something to me that means so much to me! and i want her to know that ( i love you Cat).

At the end of the night to top everything off, we had a MASH (meet at someones house). It was so great to laugh with my friends. To joke and play around with some of my favorite people in the world. I am still smiling over some of the happenings that went on at that house tonight! haha.

And again the only disappointment was that i didn't get to spend as much time with that one friend i have been meaning to talk to. Every time I think i am about to I chicken out, mostly cause of some lame reason like I don't want to bother her with me or she is busy or something along those lines. But i know if i really did come to her and say can i talk to you, she would be more than happy. It is just me sometimes...if you haven't figured out already i am shy and a little weird all rolled into one.

Falling asleep with the tear stains on my face,


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