Thursday, September 4, 2008

The End.

So here it comes, the end. Tomorrow its official, no more. I've been too busy to see it...well let me correct myself on that one, I've been keeping myself busy so i didn't have to see it. I have heard all of these "comforts" or the things people say to make you feel better about it, Its a good thing, Things aren't going to change that much, Our relationship will grow because of this, We are only ten minutes away, we will be over all the time, you will be over all the time, and [worst] you will get your own room now. THERE IS NO COMFORT IN THAT STATEMENT RIGHT THERE! That reminds me that i am going to be alone, that there is no one in my family that i get along with like we do. And i know that all of these statements were meant in a good way but every time i hear one the lump just grows in my throat. I am standing looking out onto this big huge thing called the Unknown and it scares me. Tomorrow i will be sitting in an empty room with white walls and suitcases [literally]. I have a friend coming to spend the night tomorrow, i don't want them to!! All i want is to sit in my room alone cause i need that time alone. Cause i don't crack in front of people, i don't [or at least i try my hardest]! And believe me, i think it is totally incredibly STUPID that i am crying right now! Its not like she is moving to a different state or something, not even across town...its really on my side of town. But its so stinking hard. I'm such a pansy! Okay i am done! I am composing myself and walking into my bedroom and packing!

and scene,


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