Monday, September 15, 2008

How much better can a monday get?

I went to school and i liked it. The final bell rang and i loved it. I heard pepper called from the car i soon entered. I spent 2 hours at Target and got to see the price reach past $200. I went to the apt and did my homework. I helped cook a fabulous meal by WiSH. I watched a movie with the closest of friends and laughed until i cried. I sat next to a mentor a friend a make believe sister and watched and listened as she played a lovely instrument. I didnt want to leave.

On another subject, i just want to praise Christ Jesus for blessing me with all those things i listed above. I am so glad to know that He is with me at all times. He is the sunlight i squint to every morning when i leave my house, He is the wind that blows through my hair, He is the hug i get from a friend, He is chill i get when i step out of my bed in the morning, He is the random smile that appears on my face during the day, He is the sound of the guitar being played by their fingers, He is the smile of a friend's face, He is the grass that i walk on, He is the oxygen i live on, He is the music that is consistent in my mind, He is the bed i sleep in at night, He is... my everything.

Ahh He is amazing,


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Katie Smith said...

steph, that was beautiful