Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Last 24 hours

I am sitting on my bed [ wow MY bed...weird] so sleepy my fingers cant find the right keys to press. I come to find out tonight that if i don't eat two meals in a row and the dinner the night before... my blood sugar runs low and i get real sleepy and headachey, weird huh. Anywho my day was just full of trying to get through it. Lots of things on my mind and cleaning to do. I didn't get anytime alone with God and that just weakened my spirits even more. As the night came i was recruited to do some slide work for this big worship night my church was holding tonight, the one thing i was excited about the whole day. So i got all dressed, i love looking pretty hehe. And to the church i went. I wish i could have focused on the night more but i had task at hand that had to be dealt with but my friend came up to me right before it started and took me aside and told me to focus on Christ the entire night and have my task take the backseat. So i did and it was amazing, although some moments i got distracted but i tried my hardest to keep on the Lord. The one thing that bugged me about tonight was that i got about a total of 5 mins with a friend that i wanted to talk about an hour with. I needed her hug, i needed her advice, i needed her guidance, i needed her strength, i needed her reassurance, i just needed her. But there is always a tomorrow right?

hoping for that sunrise tomorrow,


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Katie Smith said...

love you steph! I'm so proud of you!