Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Holding onto Him

So i was sitting at my computer, wondering what to say and how to get my fingers to press on the keys in front of me. I was thinking of my day at school, what about that could i write about? I walk those large hallways 5 days a week, i sit in those classrooms for 7 hours out of my day. What do I observe? Sadness and a lot of emptiness. I go through my day hearing and seeing things that just make me want to cry cause a lot of the people around me are completely lost. But then i am like what can i do? There are more than 3000 teenagers at my school and more than half are not even willing to hear the word Christ or if they do its, if they are saying it in vain. I feel like i am so small compared to this school but i know God is bigger than all of this and He is my strength.

Lord give me the strength to be bold for you,


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