Monday, July 28, 2008


How to begin? It is almost indescribable. So many fun things to report and i don't think any word can tell of the smile on my face i had the entire weekend.
6 girls laughing, praying, singing, playing, watching movies outside on a projector, surprises, magic, tanning, burning, no name, credebit, sunsets, an odd dinner, weird guy asking if you like the rock and roll, reading, sleeping, smiling lots and lots of smiling, memories, sleeping in one room, grape lady introduction, beasting heavy objects, Finding Neverland and Juno, screaming heard from blocks away, by-pass by-pass, falling asleep in stairwells while praying and listening to a friend play the guitar, first bite of snickers ice cream bar, getting videos secretly of a car full of singing girls.
Basically it was a weekend to remember forever.

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