Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A surprise to remember

Usually i don't like surprises, but last night was the best surprise i have ever gotten! Last night my sister was acting a little strange and when she does that i know she is planning something and not telling me so then i knew there was some surprise that i didn't know about. So we went and picked up a couple of good friends and headed to i don't even know where (at this point). We are standing out of Cats Cradle, a cool venue where some awesome bands come and play at sometimes but i just couldn't for the life of me realize who was there last night. Then finally i saw the sign and it read, She & Him. Freak out moment number one. Love Zooey Deschanel, like really do love all her stuff so this was like a dream to actually see her in person! So after a little standing outside and getting tickets for five and eating pizza we went inside and found a good place to stand. They came on and oh my gosh freak out moment number two, which by the way if you know i don't really freak out on the outside just majorly on the inside. They were amazing, better than their CD and there was a pregnant female bassist which was awesome and M. Ward was amazing on electric guitar. It was all just fantastic. After the show was over we went and bought a vinyl of She & Him and three T shirts, one for me, two for amazing friends that couldn't be there with us. So then we went outside and met M. Ward and got him to sign a couple things and then met the bassist and the rhythmic guitarist. It was a most wonderful night that i will remember forever!


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