Saturday, July 5, 2008

City Girl by Heart

I'm such a city girl. My whole childhood i grew up with the big city as a backdrop. The cool restaurants and the bright lights. Every time we would drive up to the city to go out to eat or go to a football or basketball game i would become overly happy. The feeling of walking down a windy street with buildings that tower over you is amazing. There is just an atmosphere that a big city has and i just adore it. It has always intrigued my interest even since i was real little. Even though i have moved away from that big city that i love, i will always be a City Girl by heart.

We just went back to my hometown for the holiday and we went downtown for the big fireworks show they hold every year. It was just a great night because i was with my friends and family and it was a nice evening, it had just rained that day but it brought a cool wind to the city. We watched the fireworks display from the most perfect spot. We were right under them and it was just so exciting.

It was a great weekend. From the fireworks to praying for the people in Kosovo in a magnificent church. I am so thankful that i was allowed to have such a wonderful time with my friends and family in the big city that is so dear to my heart.

Love and Praying for the people in Kosovo!
4 more days!! (not including today)


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