Monday, July 14, 2008

I Want...

I think i could type for hours on end just because i love the feeling of it. If i just had enough thoughts and things to write about i would type for days. Give me a quite room and a computer. Leave me to my thoughts and i could go wild. Technically not wild, because if you know me i don't go wild, ever. I feel like rambling right now going on about nothing. So here i go. I want a typewriter real bad to write cool notes and poems or whatever i feel like. I want a lot of things,
I want a night where i sit outside on a beach with my friends and laugh and have no worries at all and i want a hug right now at 11:19pm from someone specific because she has the best, I want my sister to never have to cry again, I want the world to know Christ Jesus as their Savior! I want Youth Group to start again, I want worship to never end on Sundays, I want my friend's band to succeed in every way, I want to go to college, I want to travel with a big Youth conference doing tech work, I want DZ to email my friend back, I want to travel Europe and smile the entire time, I want to laugh for an entire 10 mins without stopping with my best friends right beside me, I want 10 days to go by fast, I want my high school years to go by slowly, I want to sleep later than 11am every morning, I want to remember every moment of these past few years FOREVER, I want Gilmore Girls to really make a movie like they said they would, I want to be able to shnuggle without automatically freezing up, I want to sleep under the stars one night, I want to learn as much as i can about music, I want my friend to know she is going to be an amazing teacher, I want to see my brother grow in Christ, i want to say a million more hellos than goodbyes, and right now i want to sleep.

~Who else but me~

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