Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh the things that make me happy...

When i think of happiness i think of: an old couple praying together in the back of a big church on a saturday, the sound of my friends laughter, smiles while arguing, spend-the-nighties, hands raised eyes closed voice singing loudly to our LORD and Savior, hugs that you never want to let go of, the sight of someone in tears over God's glory, riding on old bicycles backstage at after a magnificent concert, laying on blankets outside at night watching for shooting stars with friends, inside jokes being repeated and only a few laugh, stopping and having a dance-off, the hug after a one on one talk, seeing a best friend from across the room, platinium winks, the sound a coke can makes when it is opened, Home Run Derby outside on a golf course, feeling that click when you plug in a cord or a microphone, hands out of an open car window as you drive down a street, clue at 2am and WINNING, looking behind the car as it drives off and seeing a trail of red balloons, before and after a big event, sitting on the sidewalk at 12am on a downtown street, running up a street to an awaiting car after a fireworks show, car rides to and from youth retreats, 11 people in a 7 person car, making someone laugh when they are supposed to be serious, watching a musical unfold right before your eyes, walking a street in downtown wherever, seeing a friend so happy they cant stop smiling and giggling, laughing really hard alone in a bathroom, eating at Zaxby's while laughing so hard your stomache hurts, playing putt putt with horrid music, doing absolutly nothing with a couple of friends and having a blast, not playing chess with a certain person, playing corn hole late at night, so hungry that you wish you could use up one of your three teleportation times in your life, eating at a closed Uno, rambling phone messages, late night cook out runs, praying with the people you love for over an hour at a retreat, watching gilgirls while eating a bunch of junk food, sitting in a room alone music blaring praising God, a good shuffle, bare feet on the beach at sunset, just hearing someone play an instrument for fun, staying out later than curfew, telling someone you love a secret that may change a few thing but you tell them anyway just because you love them, looking up to the sky at a solar eclipse with a couple of your friends, late night battleship tournies, meeting Stella and Seth Stuart and Rodger Wainright for the first time and every time after that, seeing an awkward bicyclist ride down the street pedalling with his hands in the middle of the night, "kirk", playing with a friends hair when they are about to sleep,4 people falling asleep in the same bed, choosing who is next on the futon but it is never the guest, spending a weekend at someone elses house having a blast, Solar Shields, a recording device that screams STOP IT, and some of my favorite people just arrived so i have to end there for now. I think I could go on forever.
Mostly being with these guys below makes me the happiest,


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