Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Church

I really love going to church. I remember some of my friends always whining about having to wake up early and go sit and try to not fall asleep. Its not like that for me. The church is supposed to be a place where you can go and praise the true king and shouldn't we all want to do that. Some people get caught up in the relationships within the church and yes that is very important but it is not the main purpose. When i am in church singing to The LORD and praising Him with all i have got i don't think about what the person in the row beside me is wearing. Just because it is summer and there might not be many of my friends in church that day that doesn't mean i am just going to say "oh well there isn't going to be many people there so lets just not go" not at all. So even if I am there with one or two other families or people I am still going to worship God in the same way i do every Sunday, with my whole heart.

Love and Praying for the people in Kosovo!
3 more days!! (not including today)


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Catherine said...

word to that, steph.