Tuesday, July 15, 2008

To Do List

Okay reading over my last few post they have been mostly Debby Downerish so therefore i write Heather Happy stuff now.

Ahhh the beach only a few days between me and sun, sand, and a whole lot of fun.
~I plan on completely getting away for the entire week and having the most fun i possibly can out of these 9 days.
~I plan on taking some Joel Houston, Darlene Zschech, and Brooke Fraser out to the beach one night and singing, praising at the top of my lungs.
~ Getting tan (as much as i can possibly get tan)
~ Go out on the beach at night with all my friends and look at the stars
~ Swing on the beach at night
~ Swim as much as i can
~ Pray for Kosova everyday I am there
~ Finish my book "Searching for God Knows What" by Donald Miller
~ Watch a movie in my bed with my sister on our dad's laptop
~ Tell my friends that i love them so much
~ Relax
~ Get to know someone better
~ Get a flip flop tan
~ Smile the entire trip
~ Make other people smile
~ Blog about my trip while im there
~ Take tons of pictures AND videos
~ Create a funny story to tell over and over again for years to come
~ Bring something back from the trip that will make me remember and laugh
~ Not get burnt (okay impossible but a girl can wish)
~ Shnuggle really Shnuggle and not be stiff
~ Laugh


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Catherine said...

you can do it! (shnuggle)