Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Biting my lip to try to contain this smile

Im really happy whoa! Its a big conglomeration [wow thats a funny word to spell] of...

My show opens tomorrow night at 7pm, i got to see my friends that i didnt think i would see until Sunday, I just sent a message to someone special that made me giggle as i wrote, Im eating a fried peanut butter sandwich with cinnamon sugar caramelized on the bread [if you have never had one tell me and i will make one for you!] and im drinking a massive amount milk [i love milk], I get to wear Tech Black clothes all tomorrow, I get my 2nd dog tag on Saturday one that says "Cast and Crew of See How They Run November 2008", Thanksgiving is next week and that means i get to see sooo many friends that i have missed so dearly!! That also brings food and family and the Christmas Tree hunting with the Rays, and a much needed 5 day weekend, it is exactly one month from my 16th birthday, It "snowed" yesterday, im wearing comfy cozy boots right now, I touched a mouse tonight, i gave a surprise hug, i got my new bedspread today...finally going to start redecorating!, and now i am going to end this lovely day with music and homework.

"Cause I love the way you say good morning, and you take me the way I am"



Daryl Munroe said...

i have NEVER had one! :] im glad you had a good day and that i saw youuuuu :] loveee you

Katie Smith said...

So, I've never had one of those sandwiches and you must make me one because as I read that it basically made me druel. haha :) Also, I'm sad that I can't be one of those people who you love that you'll see soon :(

BUT its ok. Becuase our loves stretches over the miles that lie between us.