Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nerves or Excitement?

Im it.
I have just been placed as the head stage management director for my high school's theatre company, unexpectedly...sorta. This all means that I am the stage manager for all of Wakefield Theatre Company productions. I choose assistants, prop masters and all that jazz. And yes i have been working very hard towards this very goal but wow and i mean wow God i didnt think you would make it come so quickly. You know what you are doing with my life and so im not worried but...maybe just a little worried. This is great and an amazing opportunity and really good for me but am I ready? If you think so God, then i have no need to worry. Im trusting, simply trusting.

But i am also really excited! I mean I think i might be able to change things around this place that will be great. I have ideas and plans and i cant wait to get to use them. Christ there are so many ways I can share You and Your love through this position! Christ i feel like i could really shine for You in this but can You help me? I really am excited about this and I am so thankful that I have been given this chance to work with what i love

I have butterflies flying in my tummy...nerves or excitement?


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