Sunday, November 30, 2008

Why Thank You...

Im Thankful for...

  • Christ Jesus my Lord and His amazing forgiveness and love

  • My family

  • My freaking amazing friends

  • The girls I am sitting with in this wonderful lit apt

  • School [however much it is annoying sometimes i still gotta love it]

  • An awesome bestfriend that doubles as a sister

  • Youth group

  • My youth pastor

  • The Sheps

  • Cell Group - "The Womb"

  • Friends that are away a college

  • A mentor that is freakkinggg amarzing [and the added "r" was meant to be there]

  • The privilege of being a guest at the Apt at least one weekend out of the month

  • An amazing church and church family

  • The Apt girls [plus honorary members...cant forget those special people]

  • The gift of smiles and laughter

  • Seeing my friends happy

  • THEATRE!!!

  • Memories and lovely thoughts of pastimes with friends!

I love it all

Thank you,


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