Thursday, November 27, 2008

Guinea Piglet

I only have a moment cause whit is threatening to turn the light out on me...but i have to say something.

If she reads this she will be completely smiling and be, i would say...embarrassed but i dont care cause i love her and I think it needs to be said...

Jessica Lyndon Ray- You are amazing and unbelievably ridiculous....i mean in like an incredibly good way. I mean you are good actually amazing at almost everything you set your mind and heart to. You are hilarious because you are Jess and i love to bug you and just mess with you cause i love you soo freakin much. You just made an awesome video in what??...a day?... a night? You make me your guinea piglet...and i love it cause it means i get to spend time around you, learning from you. I have an opportunity to become something cause you are teaching me and I dont think you understand how much i am thankful for every moment we work together. God has placed you in my life for a are in my life for a purpose...yayness, doesnt that excite you cause it does me. I mean just being around you and working with you, i see a great want, a desire to everyday follow hard after Christ and just seeing that has changed me and has made me long for that passion. And as i hugged you goodnight tonight and said i loved you...i realized wow i really do love you and i want to thank you...thank you for being an essential part of my life.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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