Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Its Back!

Im sitting here on this cold rainy November night.[ wow its November already!] I am sipping hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and watching some non political tv show. I am sleepy...really sleepy, I have been all day. All of my 5 day weekend i have stayed up late and woken up early. But i dont mind cause every moment that i was awake i was having a spectacular time. I spent almost all of it with my sister which was awesome...especially since she has been AWOL for the past few weeks.

There was this happiness that i had at the being of this school year and i think i am beginning to get that back. The joy of everyday entering school and learning. The happiness of friendship whether it be in school or out of school. My wholehearted thanksgiving to my Lord for putting wonderful blessings into my life. It is spectacular to wake up every morning and to have this indescribable joy and love. To praise the Lord with every fiber of your being in the littlest moments of the day, not just at church with a group of people but when you are alone or in a hallway or in a classroom and just sit and close your eyes and sing in your head or out loud or just pray and thank God. Oh what a lovely feeling it is to just not care for anything but pleasing and praising Jesus Christ. I sometimes wonder to myself why I stray from this love and happiness when it is open to me all the time. But me in my human nature loves to turn my back on it. But now to sleep because to obey my parent's wishes and calls is to praise the Lord and again why would i leave this marvelous light im running.

Sin has lost it's power,
death has lost it's sting.
From the grave you've risen

Into marvelous light I'm running,
Out of darkness, out of shame.
By the cross you are the truth,
You are the life, you are the way

Lift my hands and spin around,
See the light that i have found.
Oh the marvelous light
Marvelous light

Oh happiness,

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