Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanks =]

Im back to the old at school and sleeping at home.

Its amazing God has put me in this position. I mean there has never been a sophomore in a stage management title in Wakefield High history. And im not saying this to brag im saying this so i can thank God! Seriously He gave me these abilities and He let the teachers and other students see that i could do this and they trust me. He gave me the courage to do this. He has given me the words to say to give Him all the glory. I owe all of this to Him...i am nothing, i own actuality i cannot brag for i have no right.
Thank you God...for everything.

I also want to thank my friends because they have been a huge and i mean huge blessing to me! They have been encouraging and they have been hilarious and fun and they make me smile all the time and they are amazing and i love thank you!

G'night Everyone,

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