Sunday, November 30, 2008

Do you want to know?

As i write this i think of you...meaning the person reading this, whoever it may be. I am thinking of what in your day has lead you to be on this computer and reading these words on this blog post on this blog. I wonder if there is music playing around you...what is it? I ponder if you have other, better things to do with your time than sit here and read this. Do you know me or are you reading it just cause you came upon it or your friend is "following" my posts? Do you know my secrets and who i have a crush on? Do you know what i want to do with my life and where i want to go to college and what i want to major in [if so please tell me]? Do you know my favorite band and type of music? Do you know the name of my camera or my sister's car? Do you know my favorite day? Do you know that i dearly love to laugh? What is my favorite book and author?

Do you know me? Do you want to?

Know this....Christ is my all and I am His, He bought me and I live my life serving His plan and calls for me.

The End and thats all you need to know about me...but what about Him? What do you know about Him? Do you want to know Him?


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Whit said...

OH OH!! I KNOW THIS!! Computer stalking is what brought me here along with some hot chocolate and A Charlie Brown Christmas is what I am listening to. Quite lovely. I have pondered and there is some dirty laundry that beckons to me from my closet but I fear I must ignore it until tomorrow. A couple relationships need to be mended but I will procrastinate a few more minutes before pulling out my needle and thread. You know...the usual. Nothing too important that I can't check up on my sbff. I TOTALLY KNOW WHO YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON (but I won't tell ;). You would love to travel with some CRAZY awesome band and be their techie!! **Cough *Jess* Cough** You love Appalacian and UVA. Both are close enough that I approve but far enough that I will be miserable. Fav band is a hard one. You love too many. JLR, Eisley, Hillsong, She & Him...and MANY more. Ki Ki Kodak and Truvy the Rocket Taxi. Wow...Fav day? How bout week? Spring break week? Pride and Prejudice is your fav book and is Jane Austin your fav author? I think I know you pretty dang'd I do?