Saturday, November 22, 2008

Im All Smiles

Wow i love them. I was standing near the lighting booth making sure everything was set and watching as the crowd got larger and larger. Then i saw them! They entered and sat at the other end but i saw them!! I was shocked and sooo freaking happy! They had come to see my show, the show i have been working on for weeks! I caught Jess' eye and with my shocked face i smiled and waved to her. I wish I could have caught more eyes but I had to focus...the show was going up in less than five minutes. The show went up and I was nervous, I wanted them to like it I wanted them to laugh. But from backstage I a limited view of the crowd and their reactions. BUT...there are at least five different secret holes in the set, large enough for your eye to peek out. So when i got the moment or two I got to the chance to look out into the crowd and see Their smiles and laughs and that made me happy. At the end of the play and ran through backstage area rushed to their seats! I hugged them and i smiled cause i was soo happy and thankful that they had come! But duty called so I had to leave them...only for a moment or two. I made sure things were settled and then i quickly left for the commons area where they were waiting. After that we had a night of laughter, singing songs to one word, EATING, guitar playing, and just had a good time together...

Thank you girls...cause i dont think i thanked you enough!

Im all smiles,

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