Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Oh what a day is today"

The last...lets say...24 hours,

talking to someone missed for two hours straight and loving every moment of it, getting ready, arriving, huge screen, guitar hero tournie, standing with them...the ones i love, *smiles*, losers and winners, standing and listening together, MOVIE TIME!!, Journey to The Center of The Earth...oh the jokes!, 5 blanket to sit on, head leaning on chair behind me and joking with the one in it, getting chilly after 2 hours of sitting in the same position watching a movie outside, The Cookie Bowl, new arrivals =]]...i like them, laughter, end=clapping, clean up, inside...warm!!, stories of creepy "things" that has started The Roommate Wars [part one], Ultimate Knock Out Game, " You may be out but you are still IN"...oh Dustin!, the loser line, soccer, Rockin the back seat yo, bye bye dustin, Apt...i love, anyone hungry? about wings at 2am? OK!, had to come at some point, waking up at later hours, muffin drop off, The News- Zaxby's is now open for business [ you have permission to scream...okay thats enough you dont want to look like an idiot now do you?], Catty playing the piano, ahh lovely, Sweeney Todd [sorry Jess i just love it], music provided by Catherine and Hannah Grace, goodbyes for now, Oh man i am still in my pjs @ 4:30 and i need to get ready for the day...ahhahha Saturdays at the Apt gotta love them.

off to get ready,

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