Sunday, November 16, 2008

I dont wanna be sick

I feel really bad tonight! My tummy is hurting me! Of course it has to be on my favorite day of the week and on the first day back as the North Ridge "Techie Stephie" [i love kellie]. I didnt even get to help strike everything! It sucked, i had to watch them unplug things and wrap cords and put away stands...all of this i would have loved to be doing, like LOVED to be doing.

But i do have amazing friends! They sat with me on the floor and they took care of me. And made me go lay down for a while [ i love you Daryl] and asked me how i really was. They made me laugh even though it hurt me. I do have amazing friends...

Now i have to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow and even if my tummy hurts i will go to school cause I have a job to do!



Katie Smith said...

Feel better soon my love.

I love you sooo much, Techie Stephie!! :)

Daryl Munroe said...

i hope you are feeling mondo better steph! sorry dan hurt you with his gaston comment :p i love you :)