Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can I be a Bird?


Today was surprisingly awesome!

It started off by paying off fines in the library...seriously if you check out more than 3 books you should get more than 2 weeks to read them! But anyway, that was sort of a closing or a capping of the year. I was done! I have turned in all but one of my textbooks for my classes [one French II book to go]

I went to first period, Civics, took a practice EOC and longed to be the bird that was perched outside of the window I sit next to. She sang so beautifully and was just so happy to be bathing in the morning sunlight. And when she flew the breeze lifted her up so she could she world around her; she just was so content. And then the bell rang, the robotic-lab-rat signal to go to your next class.

I went to second period, Creative Writing II, and finished up watching a movie that was just not my cup of tea but it was a movie. When that concluded we had the option of writing an advertisement or just clean her room...we chose to clean her room haha. And then a signal that brought happiness to almost everyone...the fire alarm! =] We filed out of our classes, all 3,000 of us, and broke through the barriers of the Learning Prison and out into the bright sun and the open air. And for 8 mins laughter and talking was allowed and encouraged because we were almost half way through our day and we were outside!!

I went to third period, French II. Don't be fooled by the roman numeral 2, i dont know French. We are just going to skip this class and continue on until we get to lunch.

I went to lunch with 4 of the coolest high school girls i know! We laughed and talked and just had a great last lunch together! I even bought them braclets from Remember Nhu and Lifted Events.
So now we all have bracelets to remember our best lunch semester ever! And Abbey and I have the funnest times! I mean when we are together alone...we just can't stop laughing! Standing in line in the cafeteria to get we just have the funniest moments! haha.

I went to fourth period, English, with Abbey! We entered the walls of the room and expected to be bored by the endless amounts of review we had ahead of us. But then we remembered! Our class had all gone in together and bought our teacher an ice cream cake that said " We Will Miss You Mrs. Howson!" Which in actuality her name is Ms. Bryan but she is getting married in July and that is what her name will be. So our class decided she needed to get used to her name being Mrs. Howson so we have called her that for the last two weeks! haha. But anyway, when she saw the cake she started to cry and just fumbled out thank yous and how this was the nicest thing any of her students have ever done for her. And then she said what ever student longs for their teacher to say everyday "How about we just eat cake and watch a movie, huh?"!!!! I really am gunna miss her...i dont like that she is moving to New Jersey! I say her fiance should move down here! Well anyway, Abbey and I got to watch Troy while eating Ice Cream Cake and cookies while continually laughing and random things like how i feel out of my chair or how we hate watching people making out on film! haha. We had a great day!

Then I went out the doors and into the sunny Wednesday and away from the full days of school! Woo Hoo. Now all i have are exam and I never worry about exams just because i feel like if i stress then it will just end badly. I would much rather just be mad at myself later when i find out my final grades.

And now i am watching a video of Jess singing and then at the end of this video Jess yells "You're recording this!!" haha unfortunately this video is for my personal viewing only or i shall suffer the consequences of a Ray...which i dont like the thought of that! haha.

So overall great day! Now i just have to get through the next 2 and a half hours until cell group and then i have to get through those hours without doing anything stupid, like crying.


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Katie Smith said...

crying is not stupid