Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summery Porch Loveliness

I find that my favorite thing about summer is sitting outside on my porch till the early morning hours.

Seriously there is just something about the combination of my porch, the night sky, the summer air, usually a coke/coffee, computer, and the late night. It makes me super happy. Especially when I have had a great day to just ponder over. Such as today. It started off with me waking up at 12:30pm...first day of summer and I am already solid at the sleeping technique! Then I went shopping for camp and then to a friends church!

Now the church thing needs a paragraph...So I went to this bible study and I met up with my friend Sarah and then with Bryant! Bryant brought his sisters along which was awesome because I havent seen them in YEARS! It was great! Lauren and Morgan were both joys to be around. We had such a good time bowling together after the bible study and then going to Starbucks after that! Oh man I hope i get to hang with them more often! And I dont want them to leave in a couple weeks! =[ But its okay, Lauren and I are going to write each other! That will be super fun!

Well I am going to continue to sit and relish this summer night!

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