Friday, June 12, 2009

His Plans are Better

Im a Junior.
This is the summer before my junior year of high school AND I have already been asked THE Question of the Year.
"So do you know where you are going to college?" OR "Where do you want to go to college?"
At the beginning of the year I had a folder that was labeled "Steph's College/Degree Choices" I was so planned. I had everything in order.
  • I wanted to work with tech.
  • I wanted to go to college and major in one of three choices [in which all had to do with tech.]
  • I wanted to travel around the country or the world with a band or with a youth conference.
Seriously...I had everything worked out.
But God decided He would remind me that He is in control. After planning and making sure I did everything i could possibly do to obtain more and more experience and knowledge, I now am completely unsure of where my life is headed. And yes that scares the poop out of me! But I have to trust. He is better and better are His plans.
So I actively wait.
This could so turn into a 5 topic post because there are so many things that are passing through my brain right now...but I'll wait for those.

Sitting in the apt, listening to Lauren McCuistion's voice and just relaxing.

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