Monday, June 8, 2009

Live at 6:20am from the Drummond Basement.

The real reason I am up this early is to study for a french exam...haha. If yall know me, yall know that I cannot study...meaning it is physically impossible for me study material. So instead, why not update you blogger people on my life for the past few days.

So the weekend was great!

Friday night...Nates Grad Party and then getting in trouble for being on a playground at 12am...yep.

Saturday night...Bonfire at Abbey's and then back to my house for a drive in movie, Drummond Household style for Sambird's birthday! We watched the movie Hook and ate things such as homemade Funnel Cakes. It was fantastic.

But now I have to figure a few things out...things that arent clicking in my head and things that I just need to work out with God. Usually I would ask for help on this type of thing but thats not going to happen this week. I just can't ask this week and its not that I just dont want to its something more than that. And Im not even sure of the situation either so I can't explain it.

My brain works like an equation...

a + b = c

Some things are harder equations and some are easy. But my brain works in a way so that I am always trying to figure something out. But sometimes there are missing variables and confusing conclusions. Right now there are about 20 different equations going on within my mind but two are dominating my thoughts because these two I am struggling on, these two i just want to fix but I am missing variables.

And I am too much of an observant person!! I have trained myself over the years to practically be paranoid...I mean I dont like freak out or anything but I have trained myself to notice everything! So now I see when something is up or something is wrong but sometimes I just can't help because it isnt my place. Im such of a hands on helper. I want to be right there next to the problem of next to the person that is struggling, I want to help. But then its not my place. just ranting at 6:40am and now i have to go take a French II Exam. Then to the pool with Whitta. =]

Laying it all at the Father's feet,

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