Thursday, June 11, 2009

Poetry at Early Morning Hours

I was watching a movie in which the two main characters hold hands in one scene and it was beautiful. It made me long to write about nerdy am I?

The touch of his hand.
So simple and soft.
A touch, something that should be worth nothing.
For my hand to be held within the grasp of his.
Such a feeling I have never felt,
But oh how I long for the moment of touch.
It is at that moment when caring and feelings are passed between one to another
A moment of happiness that is shared and pulses through connection between fingers and palms.
A simple touch that should be worth nothing,
But feels like so much.

Just a bit of silliness really...but i hope you enjoyed it.

1 comment:

Quinn said...

I like it! like it a lot! I love poetry!