Monday, June 1, 2009

The Thoughts in the Mornng Hours

I have been blessed.

God has blessed me with so many things in my life. Amazing people, awesome memories, and a continuing life for Him.

It is morning now, only 6:30am. I got ready unusually fast this morning so I decided to get on the computer and check a few things. Then I started looking through my pictures. There were so many things I have done in the past year or so. From meeting new people that have become family to becoming a stage manager, to getting baptized [!], to going to the beach with a band and taking pictures...500 to be exact haha. Each one of those memories are fantastic! Jess and Catherine have become not only sisters to myself and my sister but also daughters to my parents. Being a stage manager was a spectacular experience, whether i want to continue it or not. Wow, the moments leading up towards my baptism were amazing! From just the moments during youth group the months before to standing in the water with my youth pastor crying my eyes out and proclaiming His name on my life. Oh the band, what can i say about the band? I adore "the band" haha i just realized that i just kept saying "the band" which in actuality is Jessica Lyndon Ray. But that weekend was amazing. That band has such a big place in my heart. I adore helping them out with anything and everything they need! That weekend was fantastic. They just played and practiced together while i just took so many pictures and video. But you wanna know my favorite part? Those nights when Jess and I would go to bed. Haha. Because then it was just us and we laid in the bed, at the beach, and just talked. I remember falling asleep with a smile on my face those nights.

Do you know what i just remembered? I got shoved my Carly Brown last night! I didnt know she could shove! haha. That was a funny!

But now i have to go... school starts in about 30 min haha.

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