Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thoughts While Packing.

I am sitting in my bedroom packing and listening to Patty Griffin Radio on Pandora. My left over Papa John's Pizza and empty Coke can are sitting next to me. Im just sitting and thinking.

I dont exactly know what I am thinking at this moment. I go to camp in less than 24 hours. I'm not excited but I'm not dreading it either. But I am going to miss everyone. I mean, NO communication between me and anyone outside of those woods. That means NO talking to Whitney, NO talking to family, NO talking to Jess, I would say NO talking to Catherine but she is coming one night yay =], NO talking to Indie...which is pretty big guys!, NO talking to Bryant on our continuing messages back and forth, NO talking to Katie at late hours of the night!! All of which saddens me, except for Cat coming for a visit!

And if you knew me, you would know that when you thought of would not be the first thought; at all. I mean I'm not one of those ditzy girls that only cares about their apperance or chipping a nail but I am just not what you call sporty. [although i just bought new shorts that could trick someone into believing I am!] But a couple, well several of my friends are going and we are all going to be in the same cabin [if all worked out] and we will have a blast together, i just know it. The idea of camp never excited me...but with them I think it could be great!

I know I will have fun...i just have to get there first!

Thanking Jess for this lovely night of music for my packing adventures,

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