Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Life Camp '09

So camp.

Camp was awesome! I just don't know where to begin.

My cabin was awesome. All but one were my friends before camp and so that was just such a blessing. Not to mention my counselor was a girl who had gone to my youth group before she graduated. So it was great getting to know her more than I did before. It was so awesome.

But something that had the most impact to me was something that New Life Camp has on Tues. and Thursday night. It's called Campfire. Which, obviously, is a campfire but instead of just sitting around the campfire just hanging out you were allowed to go up to the microphone and tell your testimony or just something God has shown you the last few days or the past year. So many teens went up and shared.

On tuesday night during Campfire I sat there and listened to a number of people get up. I sat there and argued with God. I was just repeating "No God, I really dont want to get up. Please no. I dont want to. God please. No God. No." and then I felt myself standing and then walking to the stage. My heart was racing and my breathing was almost non-existent. I do not like public speaking. I mean I used to be much much worse but now I'm not even that good at it. But i was walking up in front of probably 200 people and I was going to talk. Huh, how was this gunna go? I walked up the steps and then i said "Hi everyone, my name is Stephanie and I'm from the Courage." And then words just flowed from my mouth. And I am so glad that I went up there. Just to let that go from inside of me was insanely freeing.

There are so many things I wish to share about camp but I would much rather explain them in person.

So if you know me please ask about it I will definitely have much to tell.

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