Tuesday, June 9, 2009

O boitshepo

Lightning is striking fiercely throughout the skies tonight. The winds blow between the leaves of the trees making their voices cry out in their soft praises. The trees are bowing towards the ground in worship. The elements of the storm cry out to God..."Oh glorious God, YOU ARE WORTHY!"

"We cry holy holy holy,
we cry holy holy holy
We cry holy holy holy is the Lamb."

We cry worthy worthy worthy,
Oh we cry worthy worthy worthy.
We cry worthy worthy worthy is the Lamb

Lord as the rain hits the earth with praise and the thunder yells with adoration I too want that passion. I want the passion of the storms! How amazing is that!

"Re o bama
Re i koba
Naong tsa go Jesu

Lo lorato
Le legolo
Naong tsa go Jesu

O boitshepo, boitshepo
O boitshepo, boitshepo
O boitshepo, boitshepo
O kwana"

That is We Fall Down in the Setswana language. I just heard Chris Tomlin sing this song in Setwana and I listened to it so many times that I can now sing it in Setswana!

Now I sing out with the rain, thunder, lightning, trees, and leaves. I sing not only in the English language...a language that everyone thinks is the superior language, whatever!...but also in an African language.

There are sooo many ways to praise God! There are so many languages to praise God! Praise God with everything you have!

Going to go to sleep to the sound of the Earth praising,

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