Thursday, December 11, 2008


It was great...From the moment the final bell rang i smiled in thoughts of the lovely hours to come. I got to the big floor to ceiling windows and looked out in hopes of seeing Jo...hehe...and then i spotted her. So I skipped out into the rain in the direction of Jo and the lovely girl sitting inside. The rain didnt damper my day at probably made it better. We arrived at our destination...Starbies =]. Her new camera gave us a toy to play with as we talked and laughed and enjoyed the time we had together...cause it had been a while since the last time we had done something like that.  We took fun pictures and used "Cool" words like aperture. It was like time was of no use and it was just us and the camera...that has yet to have a name, but that is easily remedied. But as it did come to an seemed as if we were only together for like 30 minutes but in actuality we were together for about 3 hours...


So now i just remember those wonderful memories of those three hours but i still have the hopes for tomorrow after school...=] 
Smiley 15 year old...only for 7 more days,

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