Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How much more can you Bless me Lord?

Sitting here on this lovely New Years Eve Dec 31st 2008 at 2:02pm. Im at my table in the kitchen with the windows open and the cool but warm breeze flowing freely in. The soundtrack of Twilight playing from the cd player in the corner of the kitchen. A big bowl of steaming spaghetti and a nice cold glass of Ice Tea sitting right in front of me [ that reminds me of Pastor Sam's comment on Sunday "It's like explaining Sweet Tea to southerners, they are gunna know what it is." that made me laugh]. Clothes ready to be packed for a 4 day trip to the wonderful Beaufort. Oh this is a lovely day.

And last night, wow last night was better than i even expected. A Jane Austen night with my girls and one special mom like figure and you cant forget about the Miller Boys comin in and bringing the fun level to an all time high. I need a list of that night;

Welcomed at the door, tarts, drinks, persuasion, curly sideburns, awkward kisses, The Candle Blowing, "His Eyes are beautiful"- oh how i love Bethany, our little waiter for the night, Coldplay's crimes of stealing, arrivals, the drop by, "I need to tell you something", Oh the nerf guns, Sense and Sensibility, videos, Camera = Exhausted, reenactments, basketball boys return, and the nerfing continues but on a whole other level, wrestling match between brother and sister, apparently im too smiley to get shot, Pride and Prejudice, taste of Moxie, Nate talks nonstop, favorite parts or P&P discussion, and the inevitable goodbyes, locked out of the apt haha, HGeezers house here i night dont you think?

And tonight Apt New Years...tomorrow leaving for the beach with Jessica Lyndon Ray [meaning the band but that includes her too...go figure]. 4 days listening to them play and taking pictures and video for them and just hanging out with them at the beach ...seriously can you think of a better way to spend a weekend?

Whitney gets off of work in 1 1/2 hours!! Yipper Skipper!

New Years Resolutions:
- Praise the Lord God Almighty harder every day
- Have more fun than this year! is that possible?

Happy New Year Everyone

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