Sunday, December 14, 2008

Serving Completely

As i sit here and think back upon my weekend i am struck by how much Christ has worked in my heart just in the past few days. I mean we started out the Lock-In with the best set of worship i think we have ever had and it was great!! It was the type of worship where your hands cannot be raised any higher and your voice cant get any louder [ i didnt care AT ALL if I was off key or anything like that] it basically was the best feeling in the world. I love praising my Lord and Savior! My smile was beyond the limits of my face. And to think the night got better from there!! After worship there was this time were some people went up and gave their testimonies. Good gracious, you put my little brother up in front and have him tell his testimony and what the Lord has put on his heart and i will cry my eyes out...oh man that was a good cry. and then the floor was opened up for anyone who wanted to share their heart. And as usual it took me a while to get up the courage to speak but i really wanted to so i did end up sitting up on that stool and crying and saying the things that Christ had really laid on my heart lately. I couldnt look at certain people while i was i looked at Catherine at one point and about lost it but luckily I composed myself enough to end my little speech or whatever...but i had to end it with something that would make some i ended it with the number one conversation ender...So There. haha. Anywho, it was an amazing encouragement to see my friends, my brothers and sisters in Christ speak about their walk with was so great! That night was full of fun games and great times together with the people i truly love to death, they are pretty much amazing people. Then the next day was spent with a dear friend that just got back from college...we went to three of my friend's basketball games. Both games were soo much fun. AND then my other friend and i went to The Apt and hung out there for a while before heading to go hang out with a pretty fantastic family. and now tonight...tonight was my last night of tech and it was also the last night of the series. At the end of the night i sat there my arm holding a dear friend sitting next to me and my thoughts were racing...

"I want those words up on that screen, i want to go to school tomorrow and declare Christ. i want that life i want a brilliant life for Christ!"

that is just the tiniest bit of what all i was thinking but wow thats what i want!

and now i have to get some sleep cause i havent got that much of it lately,
G'night me serve you completely tomorrow. Amen,

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