Friday, December 26, 2008

There is that smile

So recap real quick:

  • Christmas was awesome! Whit got a puppy and i got a new camera ! =]]]
  • Friends are amazing and family is indescribable!
The End of the recap and on to today/tonight...

So today was filled with lovely people. The reason, well thats simple...Indie. Indie is the name of Whitney's new puppy. She basically is the cutest Golden Retriever puppy like ever. I got to see dear friends of mine all day long and that made me much.

I got to give my gift to The Apt and i think they liked and Samantha had fun making one half of it together. I think I like her...a lot =].

Tonight my family and I along with a common law (hehe common law hehe) sister Jess [i wish my other one had stayed too] just relaxed and watched movies tonight in our basement. The movies were decent but it was just good to sit down with some of the people i love and relax. I think i might have even fallen asleep during the first movie...when i awoke i saw Jess's smile peeking around the blanket at me...that was a nice awakening. Then after the first movie was over we ended up just turning on the tv and watching a second one. During the second one i gravitated towards laying my head on Jess's shoulder. We kinda had a shnuggy moment...which for anyone who knows me really well knows that im not a person to shnuggle up to someone, but tonight i didnt mind to cuddle up next to Jess. It made me feel safe and happy cause there was this one moment during the movie where i tensed up...i didnt like that part in the movie. And i dont know if she even felt it or not but just cause she was there i was able to calm myself down.

And now on to the hopes of tomorrow

But pretty much the day was spectacular.

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