Saturday, December 6, 2008

For I will yet Praise!

I cant keep it in, I dont want to hide it, I want to shout it throughout the world! This love, this mercy, this forgiveness, this joy, His glory. I want to change things NOW not later, not next week or next month...NOW. All for Him! Every day my desire to get to know Him increases and every day i am struck by these decisions that a couple months ago i would have breezed right through without thinking about them but now i look at those decisions and to answer them i am always looking to God and trying to answer them with every word praising Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior.

PS. This is a picture i took of Psalm 42:5-6. and this one verse is in the bible three times and in two different Psalms! Its amazing...and I love it!

His love is consuming me

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